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By: bhobart
March 21, 2013
World-Class Performers During the past few years, my staff and I have spent countless hours researching world-class performers. We have interviewed dozens of people who perform at world-class levels including athletes, actors, musicians, politicians and business executives. We found that they possess a common set of behaviors and skills. The same behaviors and skills can be learned and implemented by you to create a successful consulting practice. 1.     Seek...
By: bhobart
March 14, 2013
Up to this point, I’ve talked mainly about the opportunities in consulting. What I’d like to discuss next is what you have to actually do to SUCCEED in consulting. You should know that hanging up your own shingle is hard work. None of the requirements to succeed are easy. You have to start and run a business, and you have to sell your services. Just because you have the talent to help organizations doesn’t mean they will hire you! Before you can even get started, you...
By: bhobart
March 7, 2013
Key Shift #4: Profiting from Past Mistakes As the economy recovers, businesses are going to realize they have made a few major miscalculations and will rush to correct these errors. It has been my experience that this will happen quickly and dramatically. We have all seen how organizations react to miscalculations. There is a tendency to swing 180 degrees the other way. Think about Enron and Sarbanes Oxley. As a society and as a business community, we tend to over-adjust. This over-adjustment...
By: bhobart
February 27, 2013
Key Shift #3: The New Normal (contd.) NEW NORMAL OPPORTUNITY #2: TIMING AND MOMENTUM
 There is a significant reason you should be looking at the unemployment figures in making your decision to become an independent consultant. Like anything you have ever done in your career, you will only get better at consulting as you gain experience. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will become comfortable and more expert. Over the next several years, hundreds of thousands of people will try to...
By: bhobart
February 21, 2013
Key Shift #3: The New Normal The only constant is change. How many times have you heard that line? Maybe as a leader, you even told it to your team. It sure is easier to understand and embrace when the change is affecting someone else! When the change affects us, it seems less logical and much more emotional. The Harvard Business Review (HBR) regularly highlights what they think is the next “big idea.” In May 2012, HBR published an article, “The Rise of the...

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