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By: bhobart
May 16, 2013
Are you familiar with the concept of position power? Even if you don't know the definition of the term, there's no doubt that you've experienced its impact. When you were in school, you probably contributed and did your homework not because you were influenced by somebody, but because someone with a particular position – the teacher – had power over you. In the corporate world, you probably had to perform certain tasks that were not particular inspiring. However,...
By: bhobart
May 14, 2013
When I started my consulting career, it was not really something that I had planned. I always thought I would be in business for myself, but consulting really wasn't on my radar – it just kind of happened. I had always been driven by generating effective organizational change, though, which is one of the main reasons why I started Solutions21 back in 1994. If you are interested in a career change of your own, but you aren't sure how to be a consultant, you should know that it'...
By: bhobart
May 9, 2013
When the economy is in turmoil, people have a tendency to let fear control them. While this instinct was developed to help people survive in difficult times, it might not be as useful today as it was centuries ago when people had to literally fight for survival. When the economy takes a turn for the worse – like it did a few years ago – people seem to have an automatic response that tells them to seek safety in familiar environments. For many folks, this means searching out a...
By: bhobart
May 7, 2013
When you think of the term “independent consultant,” what do you envision? Depending upon your age, background and experience, you might subscribe to a different definition than the next person. To some people, the term “independent consultant” is simply code for “unemployed.” To others, the term refers to someone who is brought into an organization to do the dirty work that management can't handle or would otherwise like to avoid. Not long ago, when a...
By: bhobart
March 28, 2013
People will continue to do what has worked in the past or what they intuitively think will work. They fail to challenge their own assumptions. As mentioned before in our work with world-class performers, one of the universal things we uncovered is that world-class performers are willing to challenge their intuitions and do things that are “counterintuitive” in order to succeed. One of the problems we see new consultants experiencing is what we call the “confidence slide....

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