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By: bhobart
February 14, 2013
Key Shift #2: The New Math As businesses try to figure out how to grow the top and bottom lines, there is still a major focus on the middle line -- expenses. For most organizations, salary and benefits continues to be their single largest expense. Organizations are trying to prosper by managing costs. Business owners are also very aware that they may have achieved the maximum productivity gains possible from their remaining workforces. Folks have been forced to do more with less for quite...
By: bhobart
February 7, 2013
Key Shift #1: Demographics The biggest cultural shift today is the age and characteristics of workers and managers (demographics). This shift influences your ability to get a “regular” job, the kinds of people you’ll work with and the kind of consulting that is in demand. When we started to write Gen Y Now, it quickly became apparent why this generation is able to effect so much change in society and the work world. Like Boomers before them, it was pure numbers...
By: bhobart
January 31, 2013
The time is right to become a consultant now because timing is everything. Despite the negative events that have happened to these experienced, unemployed and underemployed Boomers, this group now has big, new opportunities in consulting. Right after starting Solutions 21, I wrote a book called Hire Education. It was designed to help college students market themselves to prospective employers. For a few years prior to writing the book, I had lectured at colleges and universities...
By: bhobart
January 24, 2013
In addition to ever-increasing Baby-Boomer retirements, millions of Boomers were downsized in the recession and are now unemployed. Most firms will not re employ them, and many Boomers have simply given up on becoming fully re employed at their pre recession incomes doing the types of work they used to do. As discussed in the February 19, 2012, “60 Minutes” show, there is now discrimination against the unemployed! Many job postings clearly state that only “currently employed...
By: bhobart
January 17, 2013
I recently revisited a book I read some time ago called "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" by Patrick Lencioni. I would highly recommend it to anyone. This book talks about the five communication dysfunctions that can really get teams off of the rails. The first and most foundational point is trust. Making sure that everyone on the team trusts one another and knows that everyone has their back. This book is the story of a leader who holds an offsite retreat and introduces her team...

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