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By: bhobart
July 8, 2013
As an individual on the hunt for a new career, you might not have the most positive opinion of networking. We were all taught that networking is the key to finding a new job. Placement firms, peers, family members and even your own diligent research all probably told you the same thing: you need to network in order to find a replacement for the job or career that you have lost. So you went out and tried to work your connections and pound the pavement because you wanted to do the right thing....
By: bhobart
July 3, 2013
The world has been experiencing some major changes in recent years. Every time you turn on the news, you hear about unprecedented happenings both domestically and around the globe. These events are taking place in the realms of politics, culture, money, weather, technology and society at large. Unfortunately, the changes that have been taking place recently have been dominated by negative news. The global economic crisis that began a few years ago has changed the world in ways that will...
By: bhobart
July 2, 2013
What do you think of when you imagine consulting as a career? Do you picture corporate drones who are sent out to organizations with binders full of standard operating procedures and guidelines for removing people off payrolls? Or do you envision professionals who have to struggle and hustle just to keep income flowing into the coffers on a regular basis? Consulting is a fairly broad category, so those two images of consultants certainly exist in the real world. However, consulting as a career...
By: bhobart
June 27, 2013
Thanks to the global economic crisis that occurred several years ago, you've probably heard many friends and peers say things like, “I lost my job,” “I need to take a pay cut just to stay employed,” “I need to go back to school,” or “I can't find a new job.” These comments are usually uttered with some amount of desperation, and they are becoming all too common. Perhaps you became unemployed as a result of corporate downsizing or...
By: bhobart
June 24, 2013
I've been writing quite a bit lately about mid career professionals changing careers. If you find yourself at the midpoint of your life or your career, you probably have some reservations about changing careers, even if you dread going to work every day. Thankfully, changing careers later in life can be one of the smartest and most lucrative moves you can make. A couple of my recent blog posts have discussed the advantages of changing careers at midlife, but now I'd like to go into...

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