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Ex3 Matters offers numerous helpful resources, many of are offered at no cost.

Buddy Hobart's excellent eBook, Experience Matters: How to Succeed as a Consultant in Today's World, is available as a free download from the website.

Ex Matters also offers a series of valuable consulting guides as free downloads. You can also listen to these podcasts to receive insight into how to become a consultant as Buddy speaks on a multitude of topics:

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How to Prepare For a Post-Corporate World

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Why Solopreneurship Is More Attractive Than Ever!

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What is Solopreneurship, and Why Is It One of the Hot New Trends in Business?

Is the “Experience Gap” the Biggest Looming Problem For Business?

What’s Next for the Baby Boomers

These amazing resources can't be found anywhere else, and they contain insights that can help you get started on a new professional life right away. If you're interested in digging deeper, Ex3 Matters offers three affordable, yet comprehensive packages to help you move your career forward by leaps and bounds