Where your experience becomes your business.

What is Ex3 Matters?

Experience, Excellence and Execution – these are the pillars of the Ex3 Matters philosophy

Ex3 Matters offers a proven process, tested training programs, support tools, and an active online community that teaches experienced, knowledgeable professionals how to become independent consultants. It can also help businesses leaders with valuable training in the areas of succession planning tools, business coaching, leadership development and more.

Ex3 Matters' founder Buddy Hobart has taken the accumulated knowledge he gained while building his own multi-million dollar consultancy and has focused it on helping others become successful.

Why You Should Become an Independent Consultant Using Ex3 Matters

Ex3 Matters will teach you how to translate your professional success into a rewarding consulting practice with multiple clients and an income that exceeds that of a salaried position.

Consulting isn’t for everyone. But for those motivated by the idea of using their skills to guide others toward success, applying the Ex3 Matters process is the way to move out of a current position, forge ahead after unemployment or even bring new life into an already illustrious career.

Businesses no longer have as many resources as they once had, and they are more willing to spend expense dollars than payroll dollars these days. Both the independent consultant and the organizations benefit from a budget that funds experienced consultants and entry-level employees, resulting in a more affordable and productive use of resources.

There's a reduced barrier of entry to becoming a consultant today. Virtual work environments and technology have dramatically reduced start-up expenses from years ago. Moreover, businesses are beginning to realize the importance of planning for the future success of their organizations. For these reasons and more, Ex3 Matters is the perfect partner for emerging consultants and innovative business leaders alike.

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