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By: bhobart
September 17, 2013
As the world emerges from the economic catastrophe of 2008, some businesses seem to be thriving more than others. You can study facts, figures and metrics all day to determine why some businesses have recovered more successfully than other organizations, but I believe that the differences between successful companies and those that are on the road to failure are pretty simple to understand. You just have to look at how these companies operate. By taking a look at the business world in this way...
By: bhobart
September 12, 2013
Losing a job almost never makes a person feel good about themselves. Unfortunately, it has happened to most of us. As human beings, we're built to bounce back from hardships, though, and most of us can agree that negative experiences and events often lead to positive changes that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. If you've just been let go from your job, that probably doesn't ease your pain, however, which is why you might be asking yourself, “I just got laid off...
By: bhobart
September 9, 2013
I'm hearing it more and more from people who feel stuck in their traditional, corporate careers: “I need a career change now!” A couple of years ago, individuals may not have liked their jobs, but they felt like they couldn't complain because so many people were losing their jobs thanks to the global financial meltdown of 2008. Now that the economic recovery is really taking hold, those same people are becoming incredibly anxious, especially as they see their peers taking...
By: bhobart
September 5, 2013
What do you think about when you hear the phrase “job security”? If you're like most people, you imagine a well-paying career spent at a single, benevolent company. In this scenario, you show up every day to work hard and help the company. In exchange, the company rewards you with its loyalty, some nice benefits and the appropriate increases in compensation and responsibility. In this vision of “job security,” the notion of changing career paths at any point simply...
By: bhobart
September 3, 2013
  Experiencing a rewarding professional life depends on your ability to find and take advantage of opportunities. Unfortunately, some people dismiss certain possibilities because they assume that chances for success just aren't there. Take consulting, for example. Consultants tend to work either as independents, or as team members in large, corporate consultancies. Now, if you're trying to move away from the corporate world, working for one of the larger firms is not going to...

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