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Independent Consultant Opportunities are Everywhere


Independent Consultant Opportunities are EverywhereExperiencing a rewarding professional life depends on your ability to find and take advantage of opportunities. Unfortunately, some people dismiss certain possibilities because they assume that chances for success just aren't there. Take consulting, for example. Consultants tend to work either as independents, or as team members in large, corporate consultancies. Now, if you're trying to move away from the corporate world, working for one of the larger firms is not going to satisfy your needs. On the other hand, you might not think that there are many independent consultant opportunities available if you go out on your own.

The truth is that the world is teeming with opportunities for independent consultants. Sure, the bigger firms are going to always have work, and they're going to leverage their way into the largest contracts with other behemoths of business. This doesn't mean that they're taking business away from independents, though. In fact, the big names in consulting are so busy wooing giants of the world's industries that they simply avoid the opportunities available in the world of small business.

Small Businesses Make the World Go Round

Consider your own part of the world. There may or may not be a large, corporate presence in your city or town, but there are certainly smaller and mid sized businesses within just a few miles of where you find yourself reading this right now. The reality is that the economic world is supported by the efforts of these smaller businesses, and many of them could use the help of an innovative, independent consultant.

Here are some interesting facts about small business in the United States:

  • The country is home to more than 25 million small businesses

  • Small businesses make up nearly 40% of the Gross National Product

  • 70% of all new jobs are created by small businesses

  • Almost 45% of total U.S. payroll is generated by small businesses

  • Nearly three quarters of small businesses are owned and operated by a single individual

  • Only half of all small businesses make it to five years

As you can see from these statistics, small businesses aren't really that small at all. You can also take away a few other things from these numbers:

  • Innovation and Influence
    Since most of these businesses are headed by a single individual, consultants can work directly with decision makers to innovate unique solutions. These solutions can then be implemented immediately; there's no waiting for board approval. If you have great ideas and you want to put them to work right away, it's easy to see how you could find some great independent consultant opportunities from small businesses.

  • The Sheer Numbers
    The fact that there are almost a quarter of a billion small businesses in the United States means that you have literally millions of opportunities; and that's just if you work domestically as a consultant. If you cast your net wider to include businesses and organizations that are headquartered in other countries, you can expand your list of opportunities considerably.

  • Job Creation
    Small businesses create a lot of jobs, but small businesses that operate successfully hire more and more people as they grow. By helping the little guys, you can have a powerful and direct influence on the health of the economy. Although the conventional wisdom might say that consultants are responsible for cutting jobs, the truth tells a different story.

  • The Short Lifespan
    Since it's such a struggle to keep a small business operating, there are numerous independent consultant opportunities available for those who can recognize when an organization needs to make some changes. If you work as an independent consultant, you can help organizations in your town and around the world prosper and grow well past the five-year mark.

The World is a Goldmine for Independent Consultants

Consulting opportunities might not seem obvious to the casual observer, but, as you can see, opportunities for independent consultants are everywhere if you concentrate on the needs of small and mid sized businesses. The corporate consultancies will continue to operate where they belong, leaving a landscape that is packed with opportunities for independent operators like you. If you're interested in a rewarding professional life, you have to take advantage of your opportunities, and consulting offers them in great numbers.


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