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By: bhobart
November 5, 2013
John Wooden, who was the most successful college basketball coach of all time, had a saying that I often like to share: “It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.” I love this quote because it applies directly to the field of management consulting. What is management consulting? It has a lot to do with the ability of skilled professionals who “know it all” to continue learning while applying their mastery and skill to the issues that face business...
By: bhobart
October 30, 2013
As I write this, Autumn is in full swing and football season is well underway. Every weekend, many of the world's finest athletes suit up and prepare to perform at the highest level of competition and athletic ability. The best players are truly world class performers; they exhibit a high level of performance, but they also demonstrate a mastery of the mental side of the game. These players set the bar for all other competitors, and the standards that they hold themselves to ensure that...
By: bhobart
October 29, 2013
If you've been keeping up with the Ex3 Matters blog, you know that the emergence of Gen Y is a topic that I'm quite passionate about. As I've mentioned before, Gen Y will dominate the workforce in the coming years and decades, and the organizations that are prepared for the rise of Millennials are the ones that are going to thrive. Today, I'd like to shift the perspective and discuss what Gen Y is looking for in those they work for. In doing so, I'd also like to shed some...
By: bhobart
October 23, 2013
I've written a lot about Generation Y because understanding this dynamic group of people is the key to business success in the coming years and decades. As I've mentioned before, the generation is entering a phase in which all of its members have either joined the workforce fully, or they're preparing to join the workforce by attending colleges, universities and trade schools. This generation is unlike the Baby Boomer generation or Gen X, and many people view the differences as...
By: bhobart
October 21, 2013
Beginning this year, the group of people known as Generation Y – individuals born between 1977 and 1995 – will either be full members of the workforce, or they'll be preparing to join the workforce by attending colleges, universities and trade schools. What does this mean for business? Well, leaders can no longer consider it a bonus to be able to understand Gen Y; they'll have no choice but to adapt to this unique generation. That's why those who are skilled at...

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