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By: bhobart
December 26, 2013
When we talk about leadership, we're really talking about leading people. Unfortunately, some leaders have lost sight of this concept, even if they insist that people are their organizations' greatest assets. Somewhere along the way, they've lost sight of the fact that human capital is any business's most important investment – even more important than the most expensive piece of equipment or property. How Do We Define Human Capital Consulting? The bottom line is that...
By: bhobart
December 24, 2013
A lot of people might shy away from consulting as a career choice because they feel like they don't have the proper personality for the profession. The conventional wisdom says that you need to be bold, sociable and outgoing to find consulting jobs. After all, consultants are extraverted, ultra confident alpha dogs who can take charge immediately after stepping into a room, right? Wrong. As a matter of fact, consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds. What's more, they exhibit...
By: bhobart
December 18, 2013
When people think about consulting, they don't always conjure a positive image. To some people, consultants are the people who are brought into an organization when layoffs are just around the corner. Other people hear the title of “independent consultant” and think of it as nothing more than code for “unemployed.” The truth is that today's independent consulting jobs have nothing to do with the negative perception held by much of the public. Perhaps you've...
By: bhobart
December 17, 2013
Are you getting ready for a career change that will bring you into the world of consulting? If so, you need to be able to show potential clients what you have to offer in terms of your skills, abilities, talents and knowledge. Of course, you can always just dust off your old resume, give it some polish and add a few updates, but that's not going to help you stand out as a consultant. Instead, I encourage you to create a new resume that puts your talents and skills front and center instead...
By: bhobart
December 12, 2013
It's no secret that I think consulting is a tremendous option for those who are seeking alternatives to work in the traditional, corporate realm. As I've written before, the corporate world has changed considerably over the last several years. The social contract that once existed between corporations and their employees no longer exists, making traditional jobs much less safe and secure than they were in the past. What this means is that the average worker can no longer find the...

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