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Create the Perfect Career Change Resume

Create the Perfect Career Change ResumeAre you getting ready for a career change that will bring you into the world of consulting? If so, you need to be able to show potential clients what you have to offer in terms of your skills, abilities, talents and knowledge. Of course, you can always just dust off your old resume, give it some polish and add a few updates, but that's not going to help you stand out as a consultant. Instead, I encourage you to create a new resume that puts your talents and skills front and center instead of simply listing your experiences in chronological order. This type of career change resume is often referred to as a skills-based or “functional” resume, and it is perfect for people like you who want to highlight what makes them so attractive as consultants.

Here are some tips that will help you craft the perfect resume for your new career:

Start With a Blank Slate

If you're thinking of cutting and pasting until your current, traditional resume has the look of a skills-based resume, I suggest that you reconsider your strategy. You can actually save yourself considerable time and frustration by starting from scratch. By doing so, you'll also end up with a cleaner, more focused document.

Paint a Comprehensive Picture

When you create a resume, you're really crafting a document that's used to sell yourself. Make your skills-based resume shine by ensuring that it's not just a list of skills and experiences. Instead, craft it so that readers can envision who you are and the results that you might provide for them.

Don't Let Unfamiliarity Deter You

Consultants need to demonstrate that they have the skills, knowledge and experience to drive results. Traditional resumes simply can't compete with functional resumes when it comes to ensuring that this information is the focus of the document. Embrace the idea of a new kind of resume, and you'll experience much more interest in your consulting talents.

Sometimes Less Is More

We live in the Information Age. One of the consequences of the era we're living in is that there's often just too much to try to fit into our brains. People are constantly bombarded with information, especially if they are business leaders or key decision makers. Do your potential clients a favor by making sure that your resume is as clear and concise as possible. You don't need to go all the way back to your paper delivery days or the two weeks you spent behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant during high school. Instead, focus on the experiences and skills that will make potential clients want to pick up the phone and inquire about your consulting services.

Go Forward With the Perfect Resume for Your Future

Making changes isn't always easy. It takes guts to make real changes in life, especially if you're planning to go out on your own as an independent consultant. Your career change resume should reflect the fact that you're serious about your new path. It should show potential clients that you have what it takes to drive results. Most of all, it should make you stand out by highlighting the skills that matter in the world of consulting. Traditional resumes just don't offer you the chance to do this. A skill-based resume, on the other hand, helps you show the world that you possess the knowledge, talent and experience to truly make things happen.


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