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Today's Independent Consulting Jobs

Today's Independent Consulting JobsWhen people think about consulting, they don't always conjure a positive image. To some people, consultants are the people who are brought into an organization when layoffs are just around the corner. Other people hear the title of “independent consultant” and think of it as nothing more than code for “unemployed.” The truth is that today's independent consulting jobs have nothing to do with the negative perception held by much of the public.

Perhaps you've been discouraged from considering a career as a consultant because you're not aware of the reality of the profession in the modern world. The fact of the matter is that independent consultants are making a huge, positive difference in the business world today. Years ago, a visit from a consultant might have meant that layoffs were imminent, but these days, consultants are helping businesses grow and hire more people.

Today, I'd like to share what it's like to perform as an independent consultant. Follow along and you'll find that consulting is actually one of the most promising fields for those of you who might be searching for a new career.

Words and Their Meanings

Words, phrases, figures of speech and other parts of language are constantly shifting and morphing into new meanings as time goes by. These changes are happening more rapidly than ever thanks to modern technology. Think about words like “message” and “favorite.” Just a few years ago, these words would never be used as verbs. Today, however, they're probably used more as verbs than any other form.

Send me a message has become Message me

That's my favorite thing has become I favorited that thing

The idea I'm trying to convey here is that language is always evolving; although “consultant” may not have been the most appealing job title years ago, things have changed considerably. Technology has allowed businesses to compete in ways that were never possible in the past, and consultants are able to show measurable results more accurately and compellingly than ever before. Businesses are excited for growth, and they're using independent consultants increasingly to achieve their goals.

Independent Consulting Jobs in the Modern World

As I've written before in the blog, there is no better time than right now to become an independent consultant. Organizations are becoming aware of the benefits that consultants can provide, and they're using them more and more to stay competitive in a fast-paced landscape. Consultants are being used to help shape the future of business instead of helping companies remove people from payrolls. Moreover, the barriers to entry into the field of consulting barely exist anymore.

What is the reality of independent consulting today? Here are some of the benefits that clients are looking for from consultants:

#1 – Tremendous knowledge and experience combined with a fresh perspective and an ability to drive results

#2 – The addition of an “adjunct” member of the management team to help them make things happen

#3 – A more affordable option than hiring a new, full-time team member

Now let's take a look at some of the benefits of consulting from the consultant's perspective:

#1 – The ability to put your considerable knowledge and experience to good use instead of letting it wither away

#2 – Complete independence; you control your own success, and you're not subject to the whims of the corporate world

#3 – Real job security; in the corporate world, if you lose a job, you're out of work. As a consultant, if you lose a job, you have other clients to fall back on (as well as the ability and freedom to find replacement opportunities)

Get Started Today

The climate for consulting has never been better, and if you are eager for a new, more rewarding career, you should strike while the iron is hot. By becoming an independent consultant, you can make a difference in the world while making excellent use of your talents, skills, knowledge and experience.

Sure, consultants get a bad rap sometimes, but it's all based on a reality that no longer exists. Today's independent consulting jobs are much different than they used to be. As a consultant, you will put your talents to good use while helping organizations grow, excel and become better members of their communities and the world at large. What could be better than that?


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