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Five Easy and Essential Tips on How to be a Consultant

When I started my consulting career, it was not really something that I had planned. I always thought I would be in business for myself, but consulting really wasn't on my radar – it just kind of happened. I had always been driven by generating effective organizational change, though, which is one of the main reasons why I started Solutions21 back in 1994.

How to Become a Consultant in Today's Economy

When the economy is in turmoil, people have a tendency to let fear control them. While this instinct was developed to help people survive in difficult times, it might not be as useful today as it was centuries ago when people had to literally fight for survival. When the economy takes a turn for the worse – like it did a few years ago – people seem to have an automatic response that tells them to seek safety in familiar environments. For many folks, this means searching out a lifeline in the form of a traditional corporate job.

Working as an Independent Consultant in the Modern Age

Working as an Independent Consultant in the Modern AgeWhen you think of the term “independent consultant,” what do you envision? Depending upon your age, background and experience, you might subscribe to a different definition than the next person.

How New Consultants Lose Confidence

People will continue to do what has worked in the past or what they intuitively think will work. They fail to challenge their own assumptions. As mentioned before in our work with world-class performers, one of the universal things we uncovered is that world-class performers are willing to challenge their intuitions and do things that are “counterintuitive” in order to succeed.

What it Takes To Succeed in Consulting: Part Two

World-Class Performers

During the past few years, my staff and I have spent countless hours researching world-class performers. We have interviewed dozens of people who perform at world-class levels including athletes, actors, musicians, politicians and business executives. We found that they possess a common set of behaviors and skills. The same behaviors and skills can be learned and implemented by you to create a successful consulting practice.

What it Takes To Succeed in Consulting: Part One

Up to this point, I’ve talked mainly about the opportunities in consulting. What I’d like to discuss next is what you have to actually do to SUCCEED in consulting. You should know that hanging up your own shingle is hard work. None of the requirements to succeed are easy. You have to start and run a business, and you have to sell your services. Just because you have the talent to help organizations doesn’t mean they will hire you!

Four Key Shifts That Make Consulting a Real Opportunity: Part Five

Key Shift #4: Profiting from Past Mistakes

Four Key Shifts That Make Consulting a Real Opportunity: Part Four

Key Shift #3: The New Normal (contd.)


Four Key Shifts That Make Consulting a Real Opportunity: Part Three

Key Shift #3: The New Normal

The only constant is change. How many times have you heard that line? Maybe as a leader, you even told it to your team. It sure is easier to understand and embrace when the change is affecting someone else! When the change affects us, it seems less logical and much more emotional.

Four Key Shifts That Make Consulting a Real Opportunity: Part Two

Key Shift #2: The New Math

As businesses try to figure out how to grow the top and bottom lines, there is still a major focus on the middle line -- expenses. For most organizations, salary and benefits continues to be their single largest expense. Organizations are trying to prosper by managing costs.