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The Value of Independent Business Consulting Services

The Value of Independent Business Consulting ServicesNow that 2014 is here, we're starting to put some distance between the present day and the global economic crisis that began in 2008. Although some companies continue to feel the effects of the financial meltdown, many have emerged stronger than ever. When you step back to take a look at the current business landscape, you might ask yourself why some organizations are performing better than others. What have successful businesses done that others have failed to do? One common factor that I see among successful organizations over the last few years is the use of business consulting services.

Being Prepared

If you look at the companies that emerged the strongest from the recession, you'll notice that they were simply better prepared to deal with disaster. Moreover, they were much better prepared to pick up the pieces and move forward in the aftermath. Why were these organizations so well-prepared when others were not? In many cases, it's because they hired business consulting services to help guide them. In other cases, leaders who were stung by the recession have since realized the value of consultants, which is why business consulting services are now in such high demand.

Even the most visionary business leaders can see the value of consultants. They understand the importance of a fresh perspective, and they realize that consultants can provide a realistic vision of the future that isn't colored by unearned optimism. Leaders who welcome consultants into the fold bolster their businesses so that they're ready for the inevitabilities of their industries – both positive and negative.

Here are some of the ways in which consultants can help guide businesses:

  • Developing plans of succession to ensure that businesses experience success, even after key leaders have moved on

  • Providing an invaluable outside perspective that aids in the planning process

  • Focusing on strategies and ideas that help businesses grow instead of sticking with the status quo

  • Providing honest analysis that shows how an organization is set up to survive a worst-case scenario

The Big Names and the Independents

As you can see, business consulting services are incredibly useful, and they're being sought after more and more by leaders who want to avoid the pain of another recession. That's why I believe that consulting is the ideal career choice for professionals who are ready to take on new challenges in their careers. However, those who choose consulting for the next phase of their careers need to decide if they want to work for corporate consultancies, or if they want to work independently.

Even though I'm a strong proponent of independent consulting, I do understand that the larger firms offer tremendous value to certain companies. They're able to deploy thousands of well-trained consultants around the world to take on enormous, global issues. Businesses that hire the larger firms can feel confident about making an intelligent choice. However, if you're considering consulting as a career, you might not experience the change you've been craving if you decide to work for one of the larger, corporate consulting firms.

When you take a look at the business world, you see that most organizations fall into the category of small or mid-sized businesses. These lesser-known companies may not operate on the same scale as the corporate giants of the world, but they're just as interested in surviving and thriving. That's why so many of them are hiring independent business consulting services.

As an independent consultant, you'll be able to work directly with key decision makers at some of the most exciting, emergent companies. The companies that you work with probably aren't household names (at least not today), but they're doing work that matters to the people within their organizations, as well as within their communities. Working with them as a consultant will give you a chance to put your skills and experience to use by developing innovative strategies and plans for the future. Frankly, these are opportunities that you simply won't find if you decide to join the corporate ranks as a consultant.

Independent Business Consulting Services and Your Career

Independent business consulting services are doing very well these days, and they're only going to become more prominent as leaders of small and mid-sized businesses come to understand the true value of consulting. If you've got the desire to take your skills and experience to a new level, consulting is a great career choice. I would simply encourage you to consider the power of working as an independent, where you can make a real, positive difference.


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