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PACKAGE 2: Building Your Consulting Toolbox

Package 2 includes all 10 training modules from Package 1 PLUS access to a multitude of consulting tools.

Access a Full Suite of Consulting Tools

New consultants are too often inclined to start from scratch with every client they work for. Instead of struggling to re-invent the wheel each time, why not take advantage of the consulting tools that already exist and learn to apply them as solutions to your client’s unique business challenges?
Ex3 Matters offers a number of consulting tool kits that you can introduce to your clients in support of any on-going projects, training exercises, or in the development of your consulting business. 
Included in the Ex3 Matters membership is access to over 60 different human performance and organizational development assessment products. All of these consulting tools can be branded to your consulting business. 
Each assessment costs between $25 - $185,and will create thousands of dollars in revenue for your consulting business. 

How can the consulting tools be used?

You can use your tools for a variety of business applications. The following are three real life examples of the tool suites being used to generate revenue and increase efficiency for three different clients: 
How our consulting tools were used for improving Succession Planning:   How our consulting tools were used to develop Supervisory Skills:   How our consulting tools were used to aid in Communication and Teamwork:
A small mechanical contractor wanted to develop a succession plan and an exit strategy but lacked any future planning or business processes. To put together an on-going plan for the owner, the Leadership and Strategic Planning suites were used to develop a strategic plan, business processes, and perform executive consulting. 
A healthcare provider struggled with a high turnover rate in entry-level workers. None of the workers had ever received supervisory skills training and so the Supervisory Skills and Leadership suites were implemented to put fifteen key managers and supervisors through four half-day training sessions. 
A year after the merger of two companies, Senior Leadership realized that interpersonal conflict was the norm and drastically lowering productivity. To resolve the situation, the consultant used the Understanding Human Behavior, People Reading, and Teamwork tool suites to address the issue over the course of an entire day at their annual meeting. 
What were the results for the Client?

Sales are up, internal business expenses are down, and productivity has increased.
  What were the results for the Client?

Turnover dropped from over 100% to 18% and an additional program was developed to continually train all managers and supervisors. The turnover rate has remained under 10% since.
  What were the results for the Client?

Over $50,000 of additional consulting is currently underway because the annual meeting was considered the “best ever” by 94 of the 100 participants.
What were the results for the Consultant?

After $247.50 of assessments were used for the initial $28,600 engagement, the client agreed to a two year contract of $5,800 per month.
  What were the results for the Consultant?

Every manager, supervisor and leader in the organization receives ongoing training which, after client billing, generates over $100,000 a year in revenue.  Not only that,but this client has provided numerous referrals.
  What were the results for the Consultant?

The annual meeting generated $18,000 of revenue and $4,950 of consulting tools were used.  Plus, a $50,000 team building consulting engagement was launched within weeks of the annual meeting.There are a variety of turnkey solution suites that you can provide to your clients when faced with any number of challenges.  There are full presentation modules to help you develop an in-depth intellectual understanding of the products and create a complete set of tailored consulting tools if you need to. Facilitation kits range from $295 to $1,195. 
Take a look at the chart below and get a feel for the sort of solutions you bring to the table when you combine the proven Ex3 Matters process with the right consulting tools packages. 

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