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How to Change Careers as a Baby Boomer

How to Change Careers as a Baby BoomerIf you pay attention to the culture at large, it's easy to resign yourself to the notion that you're living in a young person's world. Youthful faces and voices seem to dominate the airwaves and the Internet, which might make you wonder where you and your generation fit in. I'm happy to report that the world needs you and the special skills you have to offer, in spite of the messages you've been receiving from the media. In fact, the skills, knowledge and experience that baby boomers have to offer are in high demand within a number of industries. Unfortunately, too many of us have decided to let our special talents go to waste within the corporate environment. Sadly, many members of our generation just don't know how to change careers as a baby boomer.

What do You Have to Offer?

Think about all of the experience and knowledge that you've acquired over the course of your life and career. You are able to navigate certain situations with ease because you have experience. Additionally, you're able to impart your wisdom to members of younger generations who might be sliding into leadership roles. Unfortunately, the corporate world has a tendency to put walls between your abilities and the types of work that bring them to the fore. That's why I believe that consulting is the ideal career choice for baby boomers who are ready for a change.

Consulting is perfect for baby boomers because it provides them with the ideal opportunity to leverage their many talents into a satisfying and lucrative career. However, some baby boomers hold a low opinion of consulting. Many of them believe that “consultant” is just a code word for “unemployed.” Others think that consultants exist for one reason – to help companies thin their ranks by taking people off of payrolls. These conceptions of consulting may have held some water several years ago, but they are inaccurate today.

Today's consultants:

  • Help companies find their way through the economic downturn

  • Assist with preparing organizations for what's on the other side of the economic recovery

  • Ensure that tomorrow's leaders are prepared to take on new challenges

  • Inspire organizations to work smarter

  • Foster success so that companies can expand, boost hiring and benefit the communities in which they operate

Take an Inventory and Move Forward

If you really want to know how to change careers as a baby boomer, my advice would be to take an inventory of the skills and experience that you possess. Think about the results that you've been able to generate, and take note of your many accomplishments. Do you really want to take all of your skills and let them go to waste in another corporate office environment? Changing careers is not easy, especially when you have decided to go to work for yourself; however, a consulting career will help you ensure that your next career change will be your last, as well as your most satisfying. Your considerable talents are needed in the marketplace, but it's up to you to show the world what you have to offer.

Is Consulting Right for You?

If you're interested in a career as an independent consultant, I would encourage you to continue reading this blog and studying the resources we have available here on the Ex3 Matters website. Changing careers is not easy, particularly once you've reached a certain level of comfort in your life. However, I believe that the experience and knowledge capital that you have amassed over time have set you up for the most meaningful and rewarding career choice you will ever make.

Youth dominates the surface of our culture and many of our industries, but there are people like you and me working hard and making things happen behind the scenes. We ensure that problems get solved and that results are achieved. If you're ready for a career change that will put you exactly where you need to be with your knowledge and experience, I believe that consulting is right for you.


Have you been wondering how to change careers as a baby boomer? I encourage you to take a look at our free consulting guides, which you can download here. Additionally, I've written a book, “Experience Matters,” which addresses many of the issues and challenges that you face now that you've reached a crossroads in your life and career. You can download your free copy of the eBook here.