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Different Consulting Jobs for Different People – Which Path Is Right for You?

Different Consulting Jobs for Different People – Which Path Is Right for You?If you're reading this, you must have an interest in consulting as a career. Consulting is an ideal career choice for experienced professionals who are ready to help others with their knowledge and expertise. However, not all consulting jobs are the same. In this blog article, I'd like to discuss some of the different consulting jobs out there, and talk about the pros and cons of each category. If you're interested in becoming a consultant, but you're not sure what that might look like, this is valuable information.

The Behemoths of Corporate Consulting

Like any industry, consulting is home to some big names. McKinsey, Deloitte and Accenture are just a few of the consulting firms that set the standard for the industry. What is it like to work for them?


  • Big, important projects

  • Well-developed training programs

  • Plenty of work to be done


  • A bias toward younger workers

  • Lack of innovation

  • Slow-moving action

  • An abundance of bureaucracy

“Boutique” Consulting Firms

These firms tend to be much smaller than the industry's big names, but they have made an impact by specializing in a particular industry or by utilizing a unique approach. Marakon and Katzenbach Partners are examples of firms that fit the “boutique” designation.


  • Better, more direct access to senior consultants and leaders, which leads to greater opportunities

  • Greater potential for client contact and innovation


  • Less exposure to different industries and situations

  • Less infrastructure and support

  • Fewer advanced training opportunities for new consultants

Consulting Divisions of Large Companies

Some companies are so massive that they feature their own consulting divisions. For the most part, these companies (IBM and Oracle are good examples) use their in-house consultants to help them promote their products and provide education for the masses.


  • Excellent training programs

  • Job security

  • Well-developed methodologies and procedures

  • Opportunities for those eager to advance


  • High levels of bureaucracy and internal politics

  • Lack of product/solution diversity (you may be stuck offering your company's solutions exclusively when more appropriate solutions exist)

  • Overwhelming corporate policies

Independent Consulting Opportunities

If you're looking for consulting jobs for your next career, you can't forget about the opportunities that are available by working independently. Going to work for yourself offers a number of unique opportunities and advantages.


  • Complete control over your approach and your preferred strategies

  • The ability to work directly with clients and key decision makers

  • The ability to keep your profits for yourself


  • Less support from outside entities

  • No established methods or training

  • Pressure to perform for the business to survive

Where Do You Go From Here?

If you've got your heart set on a career as a consultant, you have a number of opportunities available to you. Perhaps you're better suited to a career as a consultant for one of the larger, corporate firms or within a well-known company's own consulting division. Maybe you'll fit better within a “boutique” consulting setting.

If you're not sure where you fit in, I would encourage you to consider independent consulting jobs. Sure, there are some unique challenges associated with hanging out your own shingle, but the benefits of working independently are amazing. If you're concerned that you might not have what it takes to go it alone, the good news is that there's help available.

With the assistance of Ex3 Matters, you can enter the field of independent consulting without feeling alone. We have tremendous resources that can help you train yourself properly for your new career, and we're also home to a wonderful community of consultants who are always available to offer insights and guidance from the heart of this exciting industry.


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