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Are You Wondering How to Get Into the Top Consulting Firms?

Are You Wondering How to Get Into the Top Consulting Firms?All over the world, businesses are adapting to change. Some are working to recover from the global financial crisis and the so-called Great Recession. Some organizations are taking measures to adapt to the brisk pace of technological change. Still other businesses are working on ways to adapt to a new, dominant generation in the workforce. So much is in flux for businesses these days that many of them are turning to consultants to help them grow and adapt intelligently. If you pay attention to news about the business world, you've probably seen how the titans of industry are handling changes, and you might be wondering how you to get into the top consulting firms so you can be a part of the exciting transformations that are taking place throughout the professional world. If this is the case, I'd like to suggest a slightly different path.

The top consulting firms serve a vital role in the realm of business. They operate similarly to small nations in many cases, and they're able to deploy thousands of people around the globe to implement complex plans of action. When you hear and read about the work being done by consulting firms around the world, only the top firms make headlines. In fact, it's easy to think that big-box consulting is the only game in town.

Smaller Businesses Need Consultants Too

The truth is that the top consulting firms only handle a small percentage of the consulting work that's done today. They work with the behemoths of business, and they thrive because they're able to implement solutions that have been proven over time. If you look more closely, though, you'll find that smaller consulting firms and independent operators are just as important to the changing business world as the big names.

Are you considering a career as a consultant? Here are a few reasons why you should stop thinking about how to get into the top consulting firms and start considering a different path as an independent consultant:

  • Innovation
    If you feel like you're full of great ideas, the top consulting firms probably won't satisfy your need to innovate with new approaches. Working as an independent consultant, however, allows you to work directly with business leaders who will give you the freedom to apply your best ideas to the issues they are facing.

  • The Speed of Progress
    The top consulting firms are large and powerful, and they're know for working with other gigantic entities. That means that the process of implementing change often takes an excruciatingly long time. Ideas need to pass through several gatekeepers, making the speed of progress slower than molasses. Independent consultants, on the other hand, tend to work with much smaller companies, plus they work directly alongside key decision makers. This means that a good idea can be generated and implemented in a matter of days instead of a matter of years (or more).

  • Professional Satisfaction
    If you were content with your current professional situation, you probably wouldn't be considering a career as a consultant. The fact that you're here probably means that you're searching for greater satisfaction in your career. It probably also means that you're ready to offer more to the world than what you're able to give through a typical corporate job. If you're looking for new levels of professional satisfaction, it's unlikely that a career with one of the top consulting firms will give you what you're looking for. As an independent consultant, though, you'll be able to define professional satisfaction for yourself, and you'll be able to take the necessary steps to achieve it directly.

What Kind of Consultant Do You Want to Be?

The business world is changing rapidly, and consultants are becoming increasingly important as businesses work to adapt to a new landscape. The top consulting firms will be there for the corporate giants, but they're going to leave a lot of room for independent consultants to provide solutions for smaller and mid-sized organizations. That's why I recommend that you consider working as an independent rather than wondering how to get into the top consulting firms. The big-name firms have their place, but you'll be able to make a greater impact (and gain greater satisfaction) working independently.


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